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Thanks to its wealth of history, art and culture, and the strategic position that made it a crossroads of traditions, Lake Garda is one of the most beautiful areas of Italy. Visitors can enjoy countless cultural events, including the area’s museums and the world-famous cities of Verona and Mantua, and the spectacular food and wine, nature and landscapes of Valpolicella, Valtenesi and Monte Baldo.

Below there are themed itineraries which will allow you to enjoy the beauty of Lake Garda during a short stay. If you wish to create a personalised itinerary, see the page /What to do and add all the places you would like to visit to "My LAGOdiGARDA"!

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Expo 2015 itinerariesExpo 2015 itinerariesItinerari expo

Expo 2015 itinerariesExpo 2015 itineraries 

Expo 2015 itineraries

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